Alright, I’ve had enough of the struggle to upload images on-the-go with the Toot! app

Which of the new iOS apps has:
-save draft
-resume failed image upload instead of starting over
-reduce image resolution to upload faster

Ideally all of these, but it’s the lack of any of them that makes me want to throw my phone into Islais Creek

Standing along upper Market Street which has 6 lanes devoted to cars. A truck parked in one bike lane is making it a 7th. There’s no prioritization for the bus I’m waiting for—see it? stuck in traffic? it’s late—or for the F streetcar on the other side.

There are no immediate plans to reopen elsewhere, but they told some distraught loyal customers they’ll consider it. The owner is a retired Kaiser doctor.

Olallieberry pie, good stuff.

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@funcrunch @JRBuckley @suldrew they told someone who asked that they’ll consider opening in a new location and to watch the website.

Lots of people stopping by veg restaurant Ananda Fuara on its last week open at 9th and Market.

@mattmangels I liked the toot about the one star on Texas' flag being a review

sleep poll 

@bipolaron hydration is the main thing for me. and having low-stimulation time during the day to just think. otherwise the time spent trying to fall asleep becomes that time => anxious thoughts, restlessness

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It's an imbolc miracle! I biked from Cesar Chavez to McCoppin without a single car blocking my bike lane on Valencia. It was lovely.

Wow, the 's public information officer lied and said a crew that parked in a protected bike lane was responding to an emergency when they... weren't. And were likely just on break.

I heard about @bikingmzstacey getting picked on by right-wing media over this incident, but this public records request totally vindicates her. Thank you Stacey.

@vultureculture I love how this toot playfully breaks the fourth wall

@EverydayMoggie @parismarx I liked the part about self-driving cars, connecting them to how the early car industry had to invent jaywalking and victim-blame pedestrians to market its unsafe products.

I was less impressed by the scooter part. The simplistic narrative they're playthings for the affluent just isn't true. A deeper analysis would've asked why cities successfully cracked down on scooters but not on Uber/Lyft/self-drive cars (imo: cars' cultural hegemony & mature lobby).

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Last night I finished reading Road to Nowhere by @parismarx and really enjoyed it. A lot of the material wasn't new to me, but it did a really good job of tying together some things people wouldn't necessarily assume were related.

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Both the rise of fascism (as a failure) and the rise of the fediverse (as a success?) are vindications of the anarchist idea and refutations of the liberal one.

During the Trump catastrophe, informal antifascism provided a potential solution to the Popper paradox. But liberals couldn't see it, and spent the period punching left ("Susan Sarandon"), often goaded on by fascists ("cancel culture"); and reifying americanism (Russiagate) and authoritarianism (fake crime wave/"refund the police"). Now the fascist threat is even more grave.

During the first wave of fascist hate speech, liberals called for regulation - state censorship - of capitalist social media. But with the federation, we can discern an actually effective approach to the moderation problem - decentralization and the community devolution of moderation powers.

In both cases, informality and horizontalism were the right answers. Is anyone listening to them?

#fediverse #fascism #horizontalism

"Workers in an industry that had long been famously union-agnostic at best had been forming bonds, organizing and developing solidarity. Layoffs of this scale and suddenness can be a blow to that process."

Let's hope it has the opposite result and shows more tech workers the value of organizing.

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I buy it: tech layoffs have “very little to do with long- or even medium-term strategy except as it pertains to cultivating an insecure workforce.”

@coolgrey I'm not snitching. Looks nice! And glad to see a fully public one with an open design!

@jonny on that note, I requested to follow you on my tech account, @/, which is probably the one I should have used to reply. Whoops. New to this multi account business.

@jonny Seriously! I want to be able to see my requesters' latest posts without opening a new tab and waiting for another copy of 6 MB of Mastodon JS to load, for every single follow request!

At least follow requests will finally appear on the profile itself in the next release, according to the Mastodon roadmap. That saves the step of going back to the request list, finding the entry, and approving/rejecting there.

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