I wrote this last month about the benefits of and why transit advocates should not fall into the trap of either-or ("either free fares or more service") thinking. That isn't how the politics of funding public services works.


In Denton, TX, labor leaders are fighting a proposal to cut public bus service and replace it with “predatory microtransit,” or so-called “on demand” rides provided by nonunion workers misclassified as contractors. nobuscutsdenton.org

ismunifree.com is updated and has your quick summary of free/expanded Bay Area transit service for New Year's Eve!

What are the most scenic Bay Area bus rides?

So far I’ve got:

SamTrans 110: oceans and beaches near Pacifica
Muni 25: Treasure Island, Bay, downtown SF
Muni 33: central SF, Castro area
Muni 44: Glen Canyon
Muni 66: Sunset District esp at sunset

Here's a little follow-up to my Chronicle op-ed that focuses on . It's for more of an urbanist audience, about why all advocates should get behind transit becoming fare-free, at least in theory—and, when there's a proposal that's thoughtful, practical and coupled with increased/improved service, in practice too.


From a friend. Hey SFMTA, how about stop whining about your operator shortage (which has been the excuse for not restoring service for over a year) and start solving it like Boston?

Pretty exciting to see free fares on the table for LA Metro. Fares only supplied 5% of revenue. That should make it an easy call to make the system more approachable - "just hop on."

There was an LA Metro presentation slide (anyone have the link?) that estimated a higher ridership gain from free fares than from all of Metro's planned capital projects put together. masstransitmag.com/technology/

"San Francisco’s 19th Avenue saw a fivefold increase in carbon dioxide levels between 2020 and 2021."

This article fails to mention Muni transit service on 19th Ave has been cut from 12 buses/hour pre-pandemic to 4-5 buses/hour now. austerity has consequences. sfchronicle.com/bayarea/articl

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