.@MLNow's coverage of the Valencia forum is up: missionlocal.org/2023/01/polic

Which includes this telling statement by Captain McEachern that I missed in my live-tooting: "'As far as the thing. I don’t know what to say to that. I’m not convinced that happens that much,' McEachern said of Floyd’s murder by a police officer in Minneapolis."

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“At an annual cost of about $704 per resident, the remains a disturbing outlier...The SFPD solves fewer crimes compared to other large California cities while arresting Black people with the widest racial disparities of any jurisdiction evaluated statewide.” cjcj.org/mobile/news/13268

Reposting this because cop-lobbyist turned Supervisor Dorsey wants to give them even more of our money—while MTA, DPW, and SFGH face *actual* staff shortages.

Last year, Slow Lake Street looked like a done deal. Then the mayor intervened and got it walked back.

Last year, affordable homes on a former car wash looked like a done deal. Then the mayor changed her mind about funding it, and now that plan's dead.

The most powerful office in SF gov't is held by someone with no vision, only obstruction. 48hills.org/2023/01/breed-bloc

When you're disabled and live in an SRO, an elevator outage can be almost like being under house arrest. Here, several say they're putting themselves through intense pain just to get out of the house.

Important reporting by @MLNow. missionlocal.org/2023/01/sro-m

Wow, looks like the California DMV is actually considering @deanpreston's request to build housing on its Fell Street lot?! Amazing.

Did not expect a state agency to be that responsive. I guess the assist from Ting, who wrote the surplus land for housing law, helps. sfchronicle.com/sf/article/S-F

Good work by neighbors to push for safety improvements on San Jose Ave near Balboa Park. But if were more than a slogan in SF, what they’re requesting wouldn’t require organizing; it would be the default. thefrisc.com/its-the-deadliest

SFMTA staff loyal to Mayor Breed seem so determined to sabotage the program that we are entering self-parody territory.

These new signs on Page literally have "Local Traffic Only" blanked out, even though the board unanimously approved keeping Slow Streets restricted to local traffic only.

Stop erasing safe streets!

/ photo by @chrisarvinsf

I’ve been biking on 16th St more and I’ve noticed every intersection has a leading pedestrian interval — walk sign comes before green light — EXCEPT at Valencia and Mission, the two intersections that have the most pedestrians.

traffic violence 

A hit-and-run driver killed Bess Chui at Potrero and Alameda (north of 15th St) on New Year's Day.


City Attorney David Chiu: "It defies logic to require that San Francisco have shelter for all persons experiencing " before criminalizing them sleeping on the street.

Really? Seems logical enough to me. Where is someone without shelter supposed to go?

Making it a crime to exist is disgusting. Judge Ryu ruled right. kron4.com/news/bay-area/blocki

“For e-bikes to fully flourish, they must be paired with widespread access to secure, insurable, easy storage near home–just like we offer for residents with cars.”

Yes! Storage is a big blocker to ebike adoption since they’re too heavy to schlep upstairs to your apartment. sf.streetsblog.org/2023/01/03/

The SF Fire Department will veto protected bike lanes and car-free streets for the Tenderloin’s kids to play, saying their trucks need a 26’ clearance, but allows this.

On Saturday 1/14 at 1pm, there’ll be a community event at the site of the proposed on old railroad right of way between 22nd St and Treat Ave. missiongreenway.org

Messed up that we make the 33 and 21 get stuck in this. Red lanes on Stanyan now!

Okay okay I did it, spurred on by @alfredtwu -- I requested my vote-by-mail ballot for California's


Do this to have a voice in the California Democratic Party's platform and endorsements!

In 2017 we literally stood outside in the rain for hours queueing to vote in this. Vote by mail is so much easier.

I'm guessing that the east side San Francisco ADEM election will be contentious and close as usual.

A Muni display I reported broken more than two months ago is still broken. My old report & the status today.

I’m in the Chronicle! I wrote about how the missing piece to put SF on a less car-dependent trajectory is funding Muni, including more service and piloting free fares.


Incredible community efforts this past weekend to activate street, celebrate it, and keep it safe.

That said, it's alarming Mayor Breed has now interfered with Slow Lake at least three times: 🧵

1. After it was approved for permanence in 2021, pressuring staff to reverse that... sf.streetsblog.org/2022/08/02/

Making it easier to turn parking lots into housing is an idea that's like urbanist catnip. Too bad the feasibility report shows this ordinance is unlikely to actually be used.

IMO, take out the private developer middleman: just eminent domain the terrible Fell & Divis gas stations and build social housing. sfexaminer.com/news/sf-approve

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