"Our study found that continuing to forcibly displace people who are experiencing homelessness, as is being proposed in San Francisco, is responsible for up to 25 percent more deaths in a 10-year period. That policy literally kills people in the long run."
- Alex Kral, epidemiologist


Today Mayor Breed espoused a , emphasizing arrests instead of treatment, and claimed “compassion is killing people.”

But “addiction experts say the recent increase in overdose deaths could be linked to the closure [by Breed] of the Tenderloin Linkage Center, a temporary facility…to help drug users and people without housing access supportive services.”

I trust the nurses.


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Today at 5! Rally at City Hall against militarization of the Tenderloin.

Finally: venture capitalists have swooped in to save San Francisco. Check out the amazing new advocacy org TechBroSF:


Thank you rich investors! What would we do without you?

SF Supervisor Rafael Mandelman has been pressuring the public library to shut off wifi to get rid of homeless people who rely on it, even though librarians told him it's important for addressing the digital divide and has no impact on crime. Via @dizz_h on Twitter.

Ahsha Safai wants to ban new dispensaries citywide forever?

Pure garbage. But let's see how this strategy works out for him in this city that voted 75-25 to legalize and regulate cannabis. sfstandard.com/politics/superv

Worth noting the furor from Connie Chan and certain business owners over is even *after* SFMTA already made the concession of *adding* a bunch of new side street parking so there's hardly any net decrease in parking.

If they hadn't made that concession, you could have pedestrian space, bike lanes, and rain gardens on the side streets. Your City government already traded away that possibility. And the car extremists are still mad.


sfpol, violence 

"Banko’s murder is a clear example of how capitalism fails poor and homeless people. Despite Mayor London Breed’s feel-good pledge to 'end transgender homelessness', the facts on the ground show many people like Banko have been turned away from supportive housing and were told to sleep on the street." dsasf.org/dsa-sfs-response-to-

SF will fund the cops but not food banks, and then wonder why shoplifting and porch package thefts are up. Couldn't possibly be a connection there. missionlocal.org/2023/04/sf-ha

Stopping sideshows with infrastructure:
✅ Cheap
✅ Effective
✅ Respects civil liberties
✅ Also calms everyday traffic and makes streets safer in general

Stopping sideshows with cop surveillance drones:
❌ Hella expensive
❌ Probably won't work
❌ SFPD will turn it on protesters
❌ Does nothing to stop everyday distracted/reckless driving that kills people

Of course the reactionaries choose option 2.

"this Whole Foods... made such dubious decisions, like putting the liquor section by an exit and hiring poorly trained guards who tended to escalate confrontations into violence."

"McCormick fears that simply flooding the area with more police officers will harm food access in the neighborhood... 'I actually think the policing strategy at Civic Center has made things more dangerous and more hot.'"


Despite the headline, it sounds like these Mission groups are contesting *how*, not *whether*, the gets torn down. We should, we must, remove fossil fuel infrastructure from SF, including freeways. Let's do it in a way that creates affordable housing and green space, and that fights displacement rather than increasing it. missionlocal.org/2023/04/missi

"'Tom was at the top of my list,' McEachern said, to a room of around 30 Mission residents gathered to discuss a homeless encampment on Harrison Street."

I'm sorry, why was this discussion happening with the police instead of the city's housing department? Is the solution to jail? missionlocal.org/2023/04/the-m

SF is helping delivery drivers switch to e-bikes! Very cool pilot. Only 26% of delivery workers in our 7x7 city use bikes or e-bikes; let's get that number up.


My blog post about the harassment, intimidation and vandalism we experienced from Monkeybrains and Mission Kids yesterday. Please share widely and let's hold these businesses accountable.


It's pretty frustrating that in a city where people regularly die on the streets, transportation officials casually use the phrase "fatal flaws" to refer to, not that, but rather the possibility of commercial loading becoming somewhat more difficult and inconvenient.

With this infamous development back in the news, my position remains the same: The BoS upholding the appeal was the wrong move, but it’s not a great project either. SF should fund deeply affordable, car-free housing here that serves the existing community, and enable big projects like this in affluent neighborhoods (westside, Glen Park, etc), not just concentrated in SoMa. sfyimby.com/2023/04/second-win

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