Wow, the 's public information officer lied and said a crew that parked in a protected bike lane was responding to an emergency when they... weren't. And were likely just on break.

I heard about @bikingmzstacey getting picked on by right-wing media over this incident, but this public records request totally vindicates her. Thank you Stacey.

Just saw BART has a grant program for safe bike routes to BART stations. How about this for 24th St Mission?

Blue = slow streets: Bartlett, 22nd (already planned), Chattanooga, Sanchez (already implemented)

Green = protected bike lanes: 23rd (Mission to Chattanooga), 24th (Chattanooga to Sanchez)

SFMTA staff loyal to Mayor Breed seem so determined to sabotage the program that we are entering self-parody territory.

These new signs on Page literally have "Local Traffic Only" blanked out, even though the board unanimously approved keeping Slow Streets restricted to local traffic only.

Stop erasing safe streets!

/ photo by @chrisarvinsf

Manny's is hosting a free event Jan 23, 6pm to discuss the future of Valencia Street.

Will one of the most popular routes continue to be one of the most dangerous? Or will we make bold changes, including space?

Free tickets here:

One thing I’ll say about the past couple weeks: it’s been an excellent time to have fenders.

I'll admit, I sometimes cycle against the arrow on one-way streets in SF.

It often saves me a long, confusing detour, or mixing with heavy traffic.

Legalizing this—making every street in SF two-way for bicycles— would be an easy win.

New research from the UK finds this is safe and will increase bicycle ridership.

“For e-bikes to fully flourish, they must be paired with widespread access to secure, insurable, easy storage near home–just like we offer for residents with cars.”

Yes! Storage is a big blocker to ebike adoption since they’re too heavy to schlep upstairs to your apartment.

The SF Fire Department will veto protected bike lanes and car-free streets for the Tenderloin’s kids to play, saying their trucks need a 26’ clearance, but allows this.

2023 goal: fund the , a flat bike/pedestrian overpass from here to 7 blocks ahead where the elevation is the same. It connects to the 18th St 101 crossing and adds a whole new bike path on an otherwise too hilly corridor.

If you live in/frequent the Sunset district and want bike share stations, now's the time to weigh in by email!

Or attend the Fri, Jan 6, 10am public hearing on MS Teams.

Locations being considered:
-Irving/41st Av
-Irving/36th Av
-Judah/44th Av
-Kirkham/36th Av
-Lawton/43rd Av
-Noriega/Lower Great Hwy
-Noriega/45th Av
-Ortega/40th Av
-Ortega/36th Av (starts p. 8)

Highly recommend Scenic Routes at Balboa and 6th Ave in the Richmond district for your bicycle needs.

The worn and missing diverter posts at 20th St have been replaced, but they still don’t extend to the outside of the crosswalk, as we were promised months ago to cut down on slaloming motorists.

Spotted by a friend on Battery… FiDi’s first protected bike lane (maybe first bike lane at all?) is going in.

Incredible community efforts this past weekend to activate street, celebrate it, and keep it safe.

That said, it's alarming Mayor Breed has now interfered with Slow Lake at least three times: 🧵

1. After it was approved for permanence in 2021, pressuring staff to reverse that...

Today's the day to call in and support permanent !

415.655.0001, Access Code: 2498 110 6321

Once they get onto the Slow Streets item, probably after 3pm, dial *3 to queue to speak

Inspiration for your comment: @braitsch just published an analysis of how Slow Streets have reduced injury crashes:

When traffic is heavier than usual, I'm reminded how many of the bike routes I use are only OK because they happen to have low traffic, and an increase in cars can easily make them bad routes.

Notably the Wiggle which was backed up at 14th and Sanchez today.

Allowing car through-traffic on the Wiggle isn't working well and is something that should be re-evaluated.

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2. A Bandcamp Friday + tie-in, Hyper Local Transportation Issues by @johnelliott includes songs about the JFK Promenade, Great Walkway, and Yes on J campaign, and an 11 minute epic about the war on cars.

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