There are so many numbers in this address. The suburbs are wild.

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Hayward has some amazing landscaping-protected bike lanes on Mission Blvd. Here’s a terrible photo of them from the bus.

They seem lightly used, probably because it’s a relatively short section that doesn’t connect to much. Imagine this on the entire Oakland to San Jose corridor!

New state budget proposal just dropped. 😢

If you don’t want this to happen, call Phil Ting. Ask for the full $5.15 billion to preserve California’s public transit at near-current service levels. (916) 319-2019

Budget chair and westside Assemblyman Phil Ting is being so miserly about funding transit, he’s given—of all people—London Breed a chance to look good.

My other feelings about Mayor Breed aside, this letter is dead on. 🔥💯

And I say again, why can’t fleshy humans waiting at bus stops and biking in bike lanes be as protected as this parked car?

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In SFMTA's Sunset Neighborways survey, when they ask how you get around the neighborhood, they forgot to include an option for the transit service they operate. 🙃

Today at 5! Rally at City Hall against militarization of the Tenderloin.

Seen on the same block: a weedy unmaintained planter designed to block homeless people; and an empty tree box, also weedy and unmaintained.

This isn’t “gardening,” it’s barricading and does nothing to solve homelessness.

I guess this is the installation of the permanent knock-down bollards on Capp and 18th

A very nice feature of the Battery bike lanes: these mountable curbs, installed at most garage entrances. Recommended by NACTO, they slow cars crossing the bike lane, and discourage parking in these spaces.

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Biked the Battery bike lane in both directions today. It's really good! Feels like a preview of what all of SF could be like with some boldness and vision.

Thank you to everyone who complained about dumpsters blocking it. I'll assume your complaints worked and that's why it was totally clear for my ride :)

SF Supervisor Rafael Mandelman has been pressuring the public library to shut off wifi to get rid of homeless people who rely on it, even though librarians told him it's important for addressing the digital divide and has no impact on crime. Via @dizz_h on Twitter.

I just realized you can "wiggle" up into Noe Valley by taking 22nd St as far west as Church, turn left, go one block, and turn right on 23rd. This bypasses the hella-steep blocks of both 22nd and 23rd.

It's not perfect. 22nd St from Chattanooga to Church is still fairly steep, and you have to deal with tracks on Church. But I think I'll use this from now on. Manageable steepness, no busy roads, and no perilous 2-way stop crossings like the 2 on the Chattanooga-to-Jersey route.

new Fox & Lion at 18th St and Capp has vegan pizza by the slice, making it the only spot in the Mission to offer that as far as I know

Hate it when I just miss the BART sign displaying arrival times and the next opportunity to see them isn’t coming for five minutes

Muni is detouring the 14 and 49 off Mission onto S Van Ness south of 18th Street for some reason.

Not ideal for riders, but it means I get to watch the buses from the cafe window of the great new Fox and Lion Bread Co. on 18th.

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