Standing along upper Market Street which has 6 lanes devoted to cars. A truck parked in one bike lane is making it a 7th. There’s no prioritization for the bus I’m waiting for—see it? stuck in traffic? it’s late—or for the F streetcar on the other side.

There are no immediate plans to reopen elsewhere, but they told some distraught loyal customers they’ll consider it. The owner is a retired Kaiser doctor.

Olallieberry pie, good stuff.

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Lots of people stopping by veg restaurant Ananda Fuara on its last week open at 9th and Market.

Today I met local author and Slow Sanchez enjoyer @annaleen and got their new book signed (plus one less-new book). Very excited to read this nonfiction/fiction combo. Pasts and imagined futures of cities.

I love this photo of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at 93, chilling at a coffeeshop reading a book of poetry. My absolute dream is for my old age to be even a fraction as healthy and chill as this looks.

Credit: Cmichel67, CC-BY-SA 4.0 license

Three related books I read/am reading in 2023. Homegoing is a novel that explores impacts of slavery and colonization on Africans through eight generations. Self explanatory how the nonfiction How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is connected to that.

I thought I Hotel would just be about the antidisplacement fight in SF’s former Manilatown, but it’s a lot broader and overlaps with the other books, as its Asian American activist characters join international anticolonial struggles.

Just saw BART has a grant program for safe bike routes to BART stations. How about this for 24th St Mission?

Blue = slow streets: Bartlett, 22nd (already planned), Chattanooga, Sanchez (already implemented)

Green = protected bike lanes: 23rd (Mission to Chattanooga), 24th (Chattanooga to Sanchez)

Now the fun part: Manny reads written comments while the panelists react, including Santiago Lerma from Ronen’s office.

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Now Manny brings up Jamie Parks and Kimberly Leung to talk bike lane pilot. Manny says he’s here in his personal capacity not as an MTA board member.

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Today I watched a neighbor verbally berate parking control officers for daring to ticket him for parking "in my driveway," by which he means half in his driveway and half blocking the sidewalk.

For ref, this is unequivocally illegal. CVC 22500(f)


Link previews suck so much on Mastodon web. There's no reason to abbreviate so aggressively. Show me what the article is about!

If previews worked better in general, there would be that much less demand for "quote toots"

Chasing the elusive last rays of a cold, windy, sunny afternoon: a very SF feeling.

Today I'm re-reading "Letter from Birmingham Jail." You might know it for the lines about the problem of the "white moderate," or "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

A few months ago, I posted a pic of my cats in this tower, captioned: They fight over the penthouse even though the lower levels are vacant. Vacancy tax now!

Later, after downloading my Twitter archive, I found a 2017 post with the cats in the same tower that I'd captioned: By building up, there's plenty of space for both of them. Upzone! 🙃

And that's the evolution of my housing views over the past 5 years, in cat photos.

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