At the Potrero Yard open house. KQED at Mariposa and Bryant. Still time to get in for a bus yard tour at 2:15, or 1:30 if you’re quick

It’s a cool project. First bus facility to support both trolley buses and battery electric. Swing by and check it out if you’re around until 3

@scott I'm really glad to see they'll keep the trolleybuses despite also having battery-powered electric buses. It makes a lot of sense in a hilly city like San Francisco, and I've always wondered why Pittsburgh, which is just as hilly but has a transit agency even more committed to buses, never used them.

@ND3JR @scott My take - trolley buses make so much more sense than battery electric (or a hybrid Trolley/BE bus) - less demand on material resources (Li, etc); lower weight (less battery energy means smaller batteries) means more energy efficient. Has anyone modeled this? (suspect if also applies to long distance truck transport, you know - sort of like the high speed electric rail, rather than diesel engines?)

@PaulWermer @ND3JR I saw an article once suggesting trolley trucks, powered by overhead wires… even if they only ran on wire while at major ports/shipping facilities and diesel on the highway, it would greatly improve local air quality at those facilities. Think West Oakland or Long Beach

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