“This used to be bad policy that emerged semi-organically at the local level. Everyone would say, oh there's a lot of visible homelessness here, rather than addressing the underlying causes of homelessness, let’s criminalize it.”

Now that it's a more overtly right-wing effort, will local Democrats like Wiener and Mandelman who've pushed similar policies reconsider, or no?

BTW, the point of criminalizing poverty is to entrench inequality.



"Since its founding, Cicero has churned out model legislation and research papers calling into question the need for permanent housing, instead advocating for criminalization of people sleeping outdoors. (In addition to influencing policy, Cicero uses its 501c3 status to act as a fiscal sponsor for Substack writer Bari Weiss’s unaccredited university, University of Austin.)"

Nice company SF Sup. Rafael Mandelman finds himself in; his homelessness platform is indistinguishable from this.

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