There’s been a surprising amount of division in the community over , considering we pretty much all have the same ideal: a fully pedestrianized street.

All the rest is squabbling over tactics and strategy and second-best alternatives. Well I think there’s power in unity and not negotiating with ourselves and asking for less off the bat.

Side-running lanes? Center-running lanes? A distraction. It shouldn’t carry through traffic at all, that’s what matters.

After all, narrow, side-running, “protected” bike lanes along with vast quantities of car traffic were the “before” condition of the two miles of JFK Promenade we fought for. Why does the Mission—the east side of SF—deserve less than that?

If you want a quick way to advocate for this change right now, this push for a Better Block for a Better Valencia is the best thing I know. Suggestions for who to email at the end. Feel free to be more explicit you want full pedestrianization as the end goal.

@scott totes! i don’t like the idea of center-running lanes *if there is traffic*, but with no traffic? totes fine!

@scott that’s true. I would be absolutely fine with the center lane or side-running lane on Valencia without through traffic. How do we communicate this?

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