Just saw BART has a grant program for safe bike routes to BART stations. How about this for 24th St Mission?

Blue = slow streets: Bartlett, 22nd (already planned), Chattanooga, Sanchez (already implemented)

Green = protected bike lanes: 23rd (Mission to Chattanooga), 24th (Chattanooga to Sanchez)

@scott can’t promise it’s exactly the same as your map, but a Mission Slow Streets to BART application may already be in the works :)

@transpocrat Great!

If that means Bartlett-22nd St-Chattanooga-Jersey, I'll welcome the incremental improvement but do think the 3 short blocks of protected bike lane I sketched on 24th St from Chattanooga to Sanchez are crucial.

For that part, the currently recommended detour on Jersey involves a big hill climb. Realistically that's not how we're going to get lots of new riders onto bikes.

@scott Because SR2B funds are only for “construction” and not planning or design, we want to focus on existing/approved Slow Streets (Shotwell, 22nd, 20th?) and upgrading them with more permanent infrastructure. Which doesn’t preclude additional Mission network improvements (in fact one of the focus area for targeted neighborhood outreach in the upcoming Active Communities Plan)

@transpocrat Got it.

My sketch is more about reaching Noe Valley from BART, because for 16th/24th BART I think that's where the potential value of biking over walking, with better bike infra, is greatest. Slow 22nd going to Chattanooga will help a bit!

@transpocrat Citywide, Glen Park and Balboa Park stations could *really* use the help.

I'm making this app that does bike+transit routing, and it's hard to get it to even use those stations - here it prefers the 49. BART would be much faster but our router tries to avoid main roads without infra, and it consider the roads around Balboa Park station perilous (as do I).

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