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TODAY: Join me on a bike ride to audit the state of the bike network in the Sunset, neighborways and other ways – all are welcome, gather at The Beanery (602 Irving St at 7th Ave) for a 1:30pm push-off #BikeMonth @sfmta_muni @sfbike

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trans rights skull stickers to support Rainbow Railroad!

After fulfilling existing orders, I've got about a hundred each of clear and holographic stickers left. They're 40-50¢ a sticker depending on type, and shipping is just a postage stamp if you get ~20 or fewer. Anything you pay beyond these materials and shipping costs goes to Rainbow Railroad!

To order, find my contact info on my website (linked from my bio here) and get me your address. You can pay via Venmo (@lee-cattarin, preferred) or PayPal (@leecattarin)

We've raised a bit over $450 so far - help us increase that even more! Boosts appreciated 😊

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If you want to see a faster, safer Geary—a Geary that works for all San Franciscans, and that moves our city forward on our goals around transit justice, vision zero, climate, and economic revitalization, please send a letter to our city leaders:

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Improvements on Geary east of Stanyan gave us 18% FASTER 38/38R trips, and a SAFER road with 81% less excessive speeding. The @sfmta_muni plan will extend these benefits from Stanyan to 34th and it is time to finish the job on a FASTER, SAFER, GEARY.

We are asking the @sfmta_muni Board to approve the full and timely completion of the project as recommended by SFMTA staff, including the completion of transit lanes in 2023.

Why is this important? A thread:

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What happens if we don't #SaveTransit? Here's what downtown San Francisco would look like if the 50,000 people who currently BART in each day had to drive and park downtown instead.

50,000 cars = almost an entire square mile of parking.

Weekend/evening service would be first on the chopping block if transit doesn't get funding the the CA state budget.

Many events in San Francisco rely on transit to bring together people. The Pride Parade, Outside Lands, sports - even going out on Friday night - none of these events are possible without good transit service - there'd simply be no place for everyone to park.

While the headlines on the transit fiscal cliff have been about office jobs remaining remote, entertainment, arts, and tourism jobs are back - but will also be lost if transit service is cut back.

There's less than a month left in the California state budget process. Now's the time to ask your legislator to save transit. Tweet at them, call them, and sign the petition here:

I don't think I posted this, this was from a few weeks ago, but I'm trying to get back into sewing. I made a bin to hold the various pieces of fabric I've accumulated.

I also started working on a shirt, which I've never done before. It's not done, though. It'll probably be a while because I have to clear space to set up

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"The bicycle as we know it today, with two similarly sized wheels and a chain drive system, was originally commercialized by John Starley and William Sutton in 1885. And since then, nothing better has been invented in terms of energy efficient travel."

#biketooter #bicycle #energy #statista

Getting serious about addressing climate change is probably going to mean our standard of living will improve even though we will own fewer consumer goods

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The 28 is so much faster when there are no cars in the way, once we get serious about replacing cars with transit it'll be so fast and efficient to get anywhere in the city. You'll never have to sit in traffic again.

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bandcamp won their union! bandcamp won their union!!

i'm so fucking happy for them, and also for the possible knock-on effects of some of epic game's holdings unionizing

their full statement -

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What's a revelation you had in the last three years that seems obvious now?

For me: I should repair things even if it costs the same or more than buying a new one (as much as my budget allows), because prices of "new" things don't account for ecological damage in their manufacture and eventual disposal.


Well I did in fact go to the Ride of Silence. I'm glad I did, though it wasn't easy.

Thinking about the expression "one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic". We are encouraged to think about deaths that way, because the world we live in needs death to run.

It's important to remember people one by one.

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🍻 Happy Hour is Hap Hap Happening! 🍻

Friday (Tomorrow)

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Noriega & The Way

Meet your neighbors and enjoy the sunset!

Does anyone have any good sources for good public transit being good for business, especially small businesses?

sfpol, drugs 

"Now, nearly a year into Jenkins’ tenure, San Francisco has its results: a record 200 fatal overdoses in the first quarter of 2023 (a 41% increase from last year, when Boudin was DA), drug-dealing trials in which Jenkins failed to obtain a single conviction, massive increases in police spending, and a dystopian “San Francisco crime is out of control” narrative that is as persistent as ever."

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Today confirmed and solidified my belief in organizing. We spun up a one day campaign and I was blown away at the response.

There is still time to make public comment if you weren't able to send an email to the Rec and Park Commission. The hearing is tomorrow at 10am. (about safe routes through GGP when Outside Lands takes over the park)

CALL IN NUMBER: (415) 655-0001
Wait for the item you would like to speak on to be called.
2. When prompted, dial *3 to be added to the queue to speak.
3. The system will notify you when you are in line and waiting.
4. Unless otherwise indicated, speakers will have 2 minutes to provide comment.

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Installing a ghost bike at City Hall for this year’s Ride of Silence in honor and memory of those killed on SF’s city streets over the past year

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@ascentale @walkoakbikeoak The crosswalk was amazingly effective! The drivers safely stopped as ~1000 students crossed Broadway during lunchtime

The "Fentanyl is fun and trendy" posters have reached the inner Richmond

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[EDIT, May 18: Today, Google added a sentence at the end of the policy announcement, clarifying that "at the moment" they plan not to delete inactive accounts if they have videos posted on YouTube.]

#Google just announced that going forward, any account not logged into for two years gets deleted.

This means huge amounts of rare or unique #video is about to disappear from #YouTube as accounts get flagged as inactive, such as when the user dies. Families' #HomeMovies (often posted by an older relative for their family's benefit), historical footage, rare #television clips, etc. What an incalculable loss to human #history and culture!

If there are videos important to you on someone else's video channel, find a way to download them. And if you have rare #media of historical importance, consider leaving it to institutional #archives or lending it to archives for digital preservation.

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