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🚲 SLOW STREETS SLOW RIDE 2: Hearst's Revenge is this Sunday December 4 🚲

Meet at Dolores Park 10:30 am, roll by 11

It might be raining! Not nearly as much as today. But we are still on.

Advice on biking in the rain:
- Go slow
- Wear waterproof clothing if you have it (gloves especially)
- If you don't, you aren't going to melt

#BikeTooter #BanCars #SlowStreets #SanFrancisco #SFBike

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Highest carbon emissions per capita
1 Middle East oil producing countries - Bahrain/Oman/Kuwait/Qatar/UAE
2 Canada
3 Saudi Arabia
4 US
5 Australia/NZ
6 Russia
7 South Korea
8 Kazakhstan/Turkmenistan
9 Taiwan
10 Japan

Only 9.5% of France’s electricity production comes from fossil fuels, much lower than many other developed countries like the U.S. at 60% and Japan at 69%.

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Picking up groceries with an F-150 is like...

...cracking nuts with a sledgehammer or

...making toast with a flamethrower.

6 out of 10 trips are under 5 miles.

Love this ad from the UK.

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@chema totally agree. once you put it in these terms, it debunks the naïve religion of solutionism. Technology is "just" a tool: it has consequences (both intended and unintentional). And who wields the tool must be accountable for the consequences. So to better frame the discourse on #fediverse versus centralized social networks: which humans are in control of which other humans, by means of the technology? who can do what to whom, by means of the technology?

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Parallel to development and public policy there are the cultural and wealth aspects. As @scott mentioned and as @braitsch showed with his transport maps, Rincón Hill is an island of heavy car ownership. It has the only census track with zero car-free households in SF.

Like a sales tax, car ownership is regressive. Owning a car is a trivial burden for the wealthy and right now, the cheapest property in this census tract is a $780k 568 sqft studio. My belief is that someone who can afford to live there is just culturally unwilling to forego having car purely on ethical grounds. Parking maximums might help, but I think many would just get off-site parking.

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Hey does someone have access to one of those charts/graphs that goes around that shows how much more suburbs cost society collectively than cities? Asking for mom…

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San Franciscans voted 62-38 not to entrust police with tasers. Pretty sure most San Franciscans wouldn’t want police to have killer robots.

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Just in case you're wondering, the fight against authorizing the use of deadly force via robots by the SFPD isn't over yet. There is one vote left before the policy becomes effective. If you live in SF, you can use this Action Alert to tell your Supervisor to vote "no."

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Watercolour sketches of the rocky peaks of central Corsica. I don't take many commissions, but I can't resist scenes like these.

#Watercolours #mountains #Corsica

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New for new server

I'm a city-loving, car-hating socialist living in SF. I toot a lot about local politics and bike/transit issues

Worked for big tech for a while, looking for ways to use my code skills for the common good instead

Also learning guitar, into loose-leaf tea, reading a lot (fiction, nonfiction, poetry), and hiking

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We out here decorating our TL holiday tree for the 5th year in a row! We dont get alotta x-mas love from the city so we have to do it ourselves!

Isn't it sad that the city doesn't do much for a dense neighborhood that could use holiday joy? As always, we do what we can for our community.

Join us on Dec. 16 at 5pm at Boedekker Park for the official lighting event!

#tenderloin #sanfrancisco

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Anyone here have any knowledge/link/resources on protections for businesses from retaliation from their landlord?

or know of any group that advocates/supports small businesses?

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The fantastic Entwined exhibit starts tomorrow (Dec 1) at Peacock Meadow in Golden Gate Park. It runs through March 12, 2023. This photo is from the 2021/2022 exhibit. #SanFrancisco #sfba #sfbayarea #GoldenGatePark

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I want to get a megaphone so I’m ready to go for union actions. What’s a good, loud megaphone?

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Five years into its #VisionZero program, "major crashes have decreased in Fremont [CA] by 45%."

How? Besides better lighting, #ProtectedBikeLanes, controlling crosswalks, etc., they decreased lanes on some streets.

oh I just remembered about something else happening this weekend: GIFTY at the Crucible!

It's not really bike related (although they do have a bike department). I just really like The Crucible, I've taken some classes there and gotten to know some of the artists and craftspeople who are affiliated with it. GIFTY is a really great craft fair and I always try and go even though it's an hour away (a few blocks from West Oakland station). In particular, check out the blacksmithing department

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electric vehicles won't save us. the impacts of lithium and nickel #mining are devastating the ecology in places like Indonesia that part the price for our car addiction. we need to #BanCars


taking my mind off the killer robot situation by organizing my screenshots of all the times the car people said they hope someone kills us

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