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joining the two account club. i think is going to be my closer knit chill account

limit line violations, rolling stops, speeding, bike lane obstruction and crosswalk obstruction should all be immediate and automatic fines

strava is quickly becoming my favorite social app

joining the two account club. i think is going to be my closer knit chill account

Take #PublicTransit whenever and wherever you can. Lobby your elected officials to fund it; break the cars stranglehold on modern life!

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San Francisco asked California regulators to halt or scale back the expansion of Cruise and Waymo, after repeated incidents with stopped and idle robotaxis (David Ingram/NBC News)

I've had the idea for a weird kind of Twitter client for years. With Mastodon being all open, I've decided to do the experiment:

What if your Timeline looked like iMessage. A normal timeline confuses me to no end because everything is out of context.

My experiment, Ebou, is a Mastodon client that looks like iMessage. Conversations are grouped by friends and sorted by recent postings.

It is super basic right now, but this already feels much more natural to me 😀

In order to be a legitimate burrito it must be larger than your head. Double foil wrapped super. #burrito #TotalSF #sanfrancisco

Imagine instead transit riders could purchase a yearly all access pass for every transit system in the nation for $60 (with a few rapid transit lines charging a couple dollar toll)

That is most people's experience with driving

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the campus conservatives really said "yeah car-free telegraph is great but TFP is too gay"

Hi #BikeTooter, we’re Scenic Routes, a scrappy bike shop who love utility and everyday bikes, used bikes and old bikes, but we’ll work on almost anything! Say hi here or in real life at 521 Balboa St, Wed-Sun 12-7pm

the normal urge to get on my bike and climb a hill at 11pm

how’s the ride down to pacifica and back. good routes that aren’t car hell? willing (and happy) to take dirt

"People call this a war on cars – but really it’s a war on 'car brain'. It’s an increasing acknowledgement that almost everything about how we need to change our worlds in order to drive less, and cover fewer miles, has other non-emissions benefits, in terms of health and fairness."


Protesters block 16th and Valencia following Wan Mei Tan’s death and call for improved pedestrian safety.

“No more pedestrian deaths! No more senior deaths!”

#sfba #SanFrancisco #MissionDistrict #SFNews #PedestrianSafety

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